Picosecond fiber laser with an average power up to 50W
PL Beta
Laser type
1030/1064 nm
Average power
up to 50 W
Pulse duration
< 40 ps
Spectrum width
0,2 nm
Pulse repetition rate
1 - 20 MHz
Pulse energy
up to 20 μJ
Beam quality, M2
Beam diameter
< 2 mm
Cooling system
Water cooling
Overall dimensions LхWхH
733x445x135 mm
Relative intensity/noise
< 1%
Power stability
> 99%
Warm-up time
3 minutes
Power consumption
< 300 W
Electrical requirements
220(±22) VAC 50(±0,5) Hz
External interfaces
RS 232, DB25
Dependence of the laser output power on the pump power
Laser linewidth
Radiation spectrum
- metal
- ceramics
- semiconductors
Full cut
- ceramics
- sapphire
- glass
- silicon
Removing surface material
- crystals
- metal
- ceramics
- semiconductors
- glass
PL Beta is the ultrafast fiber laser with a picosecond pulse duration and a high pulse repetition rate, implemented according to the MOPA scheme which allows you to get a system that works 24/7 without the need for periodic adjustment. PL Beta's average output power is up to 50W. PL Beta is suitable for production and manufacture, as it ensures high accuracy of processing at the rapid speed.

The actual appearance of the laser may differ slightly from that presented on the website, as we are constantly refining and improving our products.
  • Marking, precision processing of different materials, scribing and selective removal of conductive thin films applied to glass for consumer electronics, cell phones, tablets etc.
  • Cutting, drilling, scribing thin films of photovoltaic panels. Materials to be processed include: crystalline silicon (c-Si) and amorphous silicon (a-Si), cadmium sulphide, cadmium telluride (CdS/CdTe), copper, indium, gallium, selenide (CIGS), polymers and metal films with thickness to dozen microns
  • Processing and drilling of composite materials (including the air industry)
  • Scribing, cutting, drilling, marking of crystals (using SHG and THG)

PL Beta is suitable for manufacturing enterprises, as it allows you to speed up production processes and minimize post-processing of materials.
  • Laser control computer
  • Additional fasteners to the optical table
  • Pulse picker - AOM
  • SHG (515 nm, the average output power is up to 20W)
  • THG (343 nm, the average output power is up to 5W)
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