Electronics for Lasers

Russian Manufacturer of Picosecond Fiber Lasers and Laser Electronics

Polarus LLC is an Engineering and Manufacturing company engaged in the production of Ultrashort Pulse Fiber Lasers and Laser Electronics. The company is located in Moscow, Troitsk.

The company's product line includes ytterbium fiber lasers with different average power and pulse energy.
The ability to integrate a second harmonic generator and/or a pulse selector into lasers
Adaptation of our laser sources to the individual tasks of customers
The Laser Control System electronics kit includes a laser control and synchronization system, laser diode drivers, sensors, and more.
Standard common control bus and universal graphical interface for flexible configuration
The devices can be used both individually and in any necessary configuration
On the territory of the company, it is possible to demonstrate the operation of lasers, as well as perform services for the micro-processing of materials: cutting, drilling and ablation of ceramics, semiconductors, glasses, plastics, films, etc.
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