Electrical Pulse & Delay Generator
– a flexibly configurable electronic module designed to generate clock sequences and synchronize various laser nodes and external devices
DC power supply voltage
12 - 24 V
The range of available frequencies of the built-in generator
0,1 Hz - 100 MHz
Minimum input signal duration
5 ns
Signal propagation delay
20 ns
Maximum delay setting range
5 ns - 1s. in 100 ps increments
Maximum jitter when operating from an internal source
< 100 ps
Maximum jitter when working with an external asynchronous signal
1 ns
Type of logical output signal
Number of multifunctional input ports
Number of multifunctional output ports
Designed for control and precision synchronization of optoelectronic subsystems of complex laser sources. The functionality is configured via an intuitive graphical interface. It can perform a wide range of functions depending on the configuration, both elementary delay of output signals and generation of complex output signals based on logical functions of input signals.
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