Low Power Pump Laser Diode Driver with TEC for Butterfly LD
- a configurable module designed for thermostating and controlling the current of a butterfly-type laser diode with the ability to quickly turn on/off via an external sync signal
DC power supply voltage
12-24 V
Maximum output current
up to 1,5 A
Maximum output voltage
up to 4,5 V
Maximum frequency of the external clock signal
20 MHz
Minimum pulse duration
25 ns
Maximum output voltage of the thermal controller
4,5 V
Maximum output current of the thermal controller
2 A
The driver is a controlled stabilized pump current source of a low-power laser diode in a butterfly housing. It contains a built-in thermoelectric cooler controller (TEK), which provides precision thermostatic radiator. Built-in external locking function. It is controlled via a personal computer through a unified interface, thanks to the attached software.
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